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How to Buy and Sell Bitcoins with the Mexican Peso with Bitso @BitsoEx #Crowdify #OnlineTools #KnowledgeBase

Bitso is Mexico's first Bitcoin exchange & issuer of MXN balances in the Ripple Network, offering a platform for trading of Bitcoin with Mexican Peso. Bitso offers the highest level of professionalism and security to Bitcoin trading, and can be accessed directly at Bitso exchange operates as a traditional currency exchange with a central limit order book.

Remittances are critical for the Mexican and most Latin American economies, with US-to-Mexico being the largest remittance corridor in the world. Mexicans living in the U.S. send almost $22 billion a year to their country. aims to create the foundation for a healthy Bitcoin economy in Mexico, thus enabling the use of Bitcoin as a mechanism for substantially improving the efficiency of this vast economic flow; decreasing the costs and increasing the speed of transactions.

Bitso launched early April 2014, exiting its beta period in July. Bitso's userbase is growing daily, with significant media attention both locally and internationally.

They have secure and reliable technology you can trust. The safety of your funds is their number one priority. They employ the best practice security measures and processes to keep the assets you hold safe. Up to 98% of their customers' funds are stored offline, air-gapped and under AES-256 encryption, in multiple locations. They also offer two-factor authentication on all Bitso accounts and their site runs entirely over SSL.

They have fully scalable architecture. Their state-of-the-art platform delivers microsecond transactions and sustains high frequency trading. Bitso is built on a multi-tiered multi-firewalled architecture.

They have the most convenient way to buy and sell Bitcoin. You can start trading instantly. They offer several funding and withdrawal options, such as SPEI, Bank Wire, and more. Additionally, you can finance your Bitso account in person at more than 130,000 locations nationwide, including Oxxo, Extra, 7/11, Chedraui, Elektra, and Wallmart, among others.

Mexican company for the Mexican market.

They built Bitso because they believe Mexico can lead the way in finance and commerce by harnessing the potential in decentralized currencies. Trading Bitcoin with Mexican Pesos is only the first step. We are here to help and make your Bitcoin experience better.

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