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How to Buy, Sell & Secure Your Bitcoins in Asia with CoinHako @coinhako #Crowdify #OnlineTools #KnowledgeBase


CoinHako is a Bitcoin wallet service for consumers to buy, sell and secure their Bitcoins. Originally founded in Silicon Valley, we are based in Singapore as our goal is to serve Asia. It is a Bitcoin brokerage business that has processed a million dollars in volume since its inception in end 2014. Their users transact with peace of mind since they became the first service in Asia to have reserves insured against theft/hacking attempts.

CoinHako’s engineering team is also focused on innovations in Bitcoin’s underlying technology, the Blockchain. We have built tools to detect suspicious/fraudulent transactions and trace them back to the source for further action by relevant authority. The technology was awarded a winning position at the inaugural Blockchain hackathon organized by DBS Bank in Singapore. CoinHako’s technological capability and business acumen have attracted financing from investors in Silicon Valley - namely Tim Draper, Josh Jones and Boost VC. The team is stealthily developing financial services on top of their core infrastructure.

CoinHako is proud to announce that its Bitcoin reserve is now insured by California’s BitGo Inc’s insurance­ based offerings. BitGo’s technology is underwritten by A-­rated insurer XL Group. This means users’ deposits in CoinHako’s hot and cold wallets are now insured against hacking and theft.

CoinHako is using BitGo’s proprietary multi­signature wallet protection service, providing its users with the confidence that their bitcoins are safe. The wallet platform will also provide transparency, risk management controls, and internal checks and balances to enable effective monitoring on its reserves. Nonetheless, users are still advised to enact best security practices such as having strong passphrases and enabling 2FA.

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