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How Do You Fuel Your Content Marketing Engines with Curata? @curata #Crowdify #OnlineTools #KnowledgeBase

Curata is the content curation and content marketing software that will fuel your content marketing engines. It enables you to scale your content marketing to grow leads and revenue. This is the software platform for a predictable content supply.

Curata's content marketing application helps its users to find and curate content that is relevant, timely and engaging, helping to serve this content across a number of communication and media channels. The software starts by trawling the web for fresh content based on your audience's needs and your preferences. Along with recommendations, you can also bookmark content you or your team come across as you browse the web, inducing videos.

Once you have an archive of content discovered by you and Curata's smart discovery engine you can add contextualization and annotation, categorize this content, and add rich meta data. You can create landing pages based on trending topics, recommend relevant content to your audience and build a searchable library of content for your audiences.

You can also use Curata to share content on your own HTML5 site or blog that is customized to reflect your brand. You can use the 3rd party CMS and marketing automation integrations with software such as WordPress and Marketo to publish and promote content. You can post on social media, generate RSS feeds, create email newsletters, as well as creating a mobile optimized site. You can then use Curata to measure the performance of your content with performance metrics.

There are certainly a lot of benefits when you use Curata. Curata's INSPIRE Discover Engine has Language processing that is used to identify content and find the most relevant content based on your preferences. You can curate Videos and Curata Identifies embedded videos in your content from sites like YouTube and others. It also provides SEO Optimization so you can add rich meta data to content including pictures and quotes as well as categorize content automatically. There are even recommendations and search as Curata recommends relevant content to your users and offers full text search capabilities for a vast archive of curated content.

Curata also comes with a Mobile App, which then allows you to create and curate on the go using your iPhone, iPad, Android phones and tablets. Curata integrates with WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, MovableType and many more. Apart from its CMS integrations, it also has Marketing Automation Integrations. Curata integrates with Act-On, Eloqua, Marketo, HubSpot and more.

Curata helps you share content so you can schedule post across a number of social media channels and add customizable hashtags and author attributions. You can even create a HTML site or blog or create email newsletters.

In terms of reporting & analytics, Effectiveness Metrics show the performance of content across all channels while Operations Metrics analyze your team's curation activities.

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