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Demandbase is a targeting and personalization marketing platform for B2B marketers. It provides targeted advertising and sales IQ solutions. It is a cloud-based B2B and accounts-based marketing automation solution specifically built to target your most valued accounts. The range of marketing tools offered by Demandbase are covered in 4 categories: Measurement, Advertising, Personalization and Conversion. Within these categories are features such as account-based advertising and retargeting, live chat, web analytics and a campaign performance monitor.

Demandbase's focuses uniquely on accounts-based marketing - a unique, targeted approach to B2B marketing. Demandbase helps to target and personalize campaigns from advertising through to on-site content delivery, with sales conversion tools to secure leads at the final stage of the funnel and built-in analytics to visualize and better understand the success of your campaigns.

Demandbase bridges the gap between account-based marketing automation and campaign analytics, connect website activity, marketing campaigns, online advertising and revenue. It does this by providing a range of features such as web analytics and user behavior reporting; live chat, lead capturing, scoring and lead routing; along with content creation, audience segmentation and personlized re-targeting.

Optimize accounts-based marketing by using the Performance Manager in Demandbase to track the activity of specific groups, such as your most important prospects and customers, using this audience data to create targeted marketing campaigns. The Demandbase team will then review your campaign creatives before launch. As the campaign runs, the software will track and compare campaign performance with website activity.

You can use the actionable insights provided by the Demandbase Performance Manager to create targeted, personalized advertising messages to publish in real-time across third-party, publisher sites. Demandbase then targets impressions on third-party publisher sites in real time. The software also measures your target customer activity on your own site and connects it to ad spend and revenue.

Along with building and analyzing account-based marketing campaigns, Demandbase can also be used for better lead management. The simple form builder in Demandbase lets you capture leads and distribute this information to the most relevant people. In order to improve bounce rate, Demandbase shows a short form to your prospects to fill out, while automatically capturing vital company information in real-time in the background.

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