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How Do You Maximize the Value of Your Content Marketing with idio? @idioplatform #Crowdify #OnlineTools #KnowledgeBase

Idio is the content intelligence platform.  Prospects constantly tell you their interests and intent, by the content they read.  Understand and influence their journey, driving engagement and revenue. 

Idio helps you maximize the value of your content marketing with content intelligence.   It allows you to be content intelligent in  just a matter of days.  

This can be done via three simple steps.  They use advanced natural language processing technology to automatically analyze and categorize all your content. they track engagements with these content via their content performance dashboard enabling you to have a data lead marketing strategy. 

As an individual consumes pieces of content, a unique interest profile is created.  this profile automatically updates as more content is engaged with allowing you to understand your customers' and prospects' real-time interest like never before. This can also be added to your CRM system.  Based on each customers real-time interest profile, their recommendation engine serves up the most relevant piece of content in each interaction on all engagement in order to maximize your marketing on all channels.  These profiles predict purchase intent based on unstructured, behavioral data.

Idio enables your marketing API's to grow exponentially and maximizes the value of your content across the whole business.  

You can read your customer's mind and analyze every piece of published content, to instantly and automatically map your digital experience.  It enables you to track known and unknown customers through their decision journey across web, email, social and mobile channels.  

Idio only requires a few lines of code to get started, and instantly generates predictive intelligence about your customers.  By integrating with major marketing & CRM vendors, idio quickly adds strategic value to your existing technology investments.Built with cutting-edge cloud technology, the platform processes millions of interactions per day for global financial enterprises.

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