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How to Take Control of Your B2B Marketing Strategy with Kapost @kapost #Crowdify #OnlineTools #KnowledgeBase

Kapost is a content curation tool that supports your entire content operation by helping you align your marketing, get marketing visibility in the marketing process, and gain insights into the performance of your content all the while integrating with the tools you use today.

You can start building team alignment with Kapost personas and buying stages. You can assign personas and buying stages to each piece that you develop making sure that all of your content creators are on the same page. You can even see stats to see how much content you have created for each persona and buying stage making it easy to see any gaps in your content coverage.

Using the integrated campaign feature, you can align different pieces of content to support a broader idea. Kapost helps you organize all related pieces of content together helping you achieve greater impact across content channels.

Kapost also helps align content in your entire organization. Using the Kapost library, content is automatically shared with important stakeholders including sales, executives and product development.

Kapost gives your content team visibility in the content process. The Kapost calendar gives you the place where you can see the status and the campaigns. You can tell at a glance who is doing what and by when making sure your team is on track to make their deadlines.

With Kapost intelligent workflows, you can assign tasks to people in your organization. Members of your team are always up-to-date on what is expected of them and by when. You can ensure that your content is created smoothly and on schedule.

Team communication is essential for a well-run content operation. Kapost makes it easy for your team members to communicate with each other. You can be sure that everyone is on the same page on what's happening and what needs to be done.

You can stay on top of your existing content with Kapost Content Auditor. You can see how much content you have, what needs updating, and whether you have content gaps that need to be filled.

Kapost Metrics help you stay on top on how your content is performing. You can gain new insights on how your content really works. Production metrics tell you the overall productivity of your content operation. Engagement metrics tract information such as the number of Facebook likes, twitter retweets and linkedin shares.

Using their integrations with Adobe Analytics and Google Analytics, you and your team can see the performance metrics of your content in a single place. Their content scoring tells you how many leads and and how much revenue your content has driven. You can see which pieces of content have helped to grow your business and which are lagging behind.

All of this is possible with Kapost's library of integrations. With the most number of integrations of any content marketing platform, you can make Kapost the center of your content marketing process knowing it will fit the tools you use today and tomorrow. Kapost contains everything your content marketing needs to be successful and grow revenue.

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