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How to Live Your Dream with liv your fame @livyourfame #Crowdify #OnlineTools #KnowledgeBase

Creating videos has made a huge impact in the entire ecosystem of business, entertainment, technology and so on. It reaches out to more people than texts do since it's all about visuals in this day and age. That's where liveyourfame comes in. Liveyourfame or #fame is the no. 1 live video app in India. It is similar to periscope in that any person can make a video and reach audiences all over. Saket Saurabh, CEO of #fame, said that the focus of this initiative is to reach out to people and tell them how easy it is to broadcast their talent and live their fame.

It goes without saying that there are millions of individuals out there who have hidden talents so this is their chance to take center stage and be on the spotlight. They may be artists, musicians, or even designers who would like a chance to be discovered and make their dream a reality.

Even startups can use this to launch their idea or promote their brand or products. It's all about reaching out to people and getting in touch with the right people who can make things happen. There are many people who create these startups because they want to make their mark in the world.

#fame can also be a venue where people can hone their skills as they see how things are done. It creates a certain community bringing people who have the same interests together and giving them a chance to help others. In a way, they can pay it forward. Hence, this is not just a place where you can show off your talents, but it is also where you can build a community, find an audience, and prosper.

The best part is they do it live. Those who made the videos can get instant feedback. There is no prepping and scheduling so it brings no hassle. They can make the video anywhere once they have downloaded the app in their gadgets or device. They can do it in the comfort of their own home, office, kitchen, or just about anywhere they feel the need or desire. Thanks to this entertainment app, this has become possible. It is available on both iOS and Android so you can have this #fame app at your fingertips.

From aspiring musicians to just the kid-next-door, anyone can go live and stream their talent to the world and connect with their audience. They have somehow bridged the gap between TV and the intimacy of digital. As the saying goes, the whole world is a stage and all the people are merely players. This brings people the opportunity to be on stage. Basically, their ticket to stardom is just an app away. #fame is a talent led entertainment network where if you've got it, they can help you flaunt it.

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